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6 reasons why global recruiting has never been easier 

Shifting trends in how companies do business and the emergence of new tools and solutions have helped make global recruiting more accessible than ever.
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Global recruiting has emerged as a transformative option for many companies worldwide, and both businesses and skilled professionals are icreasingly tuned into the growth opportunities on offer in the international market.

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Thanks to evolving globalized markets, the increase in uptake of remote working, and the emergence new technologies and hiring solutions, international recruitment is now more feasible than it has ever been, with companies of all scales able to benefit.

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The benefits of global recruiting 

One of the main advantages of global recruiting is demonstrating a commitment to diversity. When organizations contribute to a more eclectic industry, they are viewed more favorably by customers, investors, and employees. According to research by Forbes, 76% of employees say a diverse workplace is important, and their companies need to work harder on increasing inclusion. 

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Hiring talent from different regions also improves a company’s cultural competence, allowing them to navigate global markets with greater ease, as it requires an understanding of international cultures and preferences. Multilingual colleagues, for example, can bridge communication gaps and facilitate easier connections with foreign clients. 

Global recruiting often results in teams composed of individuals with diverse language skills. This linguistic variety facilitates smoother international collaboration and reduces the risk of miscommunication. Cross-cultural groups can generate creative solutions by incorporating perspectives from different parts of the world, which can boost innovation. 

Finally, global recruiting can help you with overcoming talent shortages, as it offers the opportunity to search for suitable candidates in regions where the required skills are in abundance. Taking such opportunities in emerging markets helps businesses fill critical positions and promotes the transfer of knowledge across borders, enriching the entire organization. 

6 considerations that facilitate global recruiting 

If you want to seize the benefits of expanding your team internationally, now is the time. Here are some reasons why global recruiting has never been easier and more stimulating. 

A Serviap Global infographic of six reasons why global recruitment has never been easier
Global recruiting is easier and easier with every passing year

1) Uptake of remote work  

The recent accelerated global shift towards remote work has transformed our relationship with labor. As a result, companies have realized the benefits of hiring remote employees, irrespective of their location. This new work culture has broken down traditional barriers, making it easier for companies to source talent from anywhere in the world without the need for physical relocation. 

2) Digital connectivity 

Widespread access to the internet and the rise of digital platforms are two factors that have revolutionized how we communicate. Businesses can now easily recruit workers in different countries through online job portals, social media platforms, and professional networking chats. Digital connectivity has made it simple to share job openings globally and improve global recruiting. 

3) Asynchronous working 

More companies are moving from the traditional 9-to-5 model, considering the benefits of remote working with people in different time zones. With team members spread across the world, asynchronous work allows colleagues to engage without the constraints of overlapping working hours. So, embracing this work method has enhanced efficiency and inclusivity in global recruiting. 

4) Virtual collaboration tools 

The rise of digital teamwork tools and project management software has further eased the process of distributed workforce management. Virtual meetings, online document sharing, and real-time communication platforms enable seamless collaboration between team members. These tools have become essential for fostering effective partnerships and ensuring that global recruiting efforts are successful. 

5) Growing international talent pools 

As the world becomes more connected, businesses can tap into a diverse pool of skilled professionals from different places. Companies can identify individuals with unique perspectives that may not be readily available in their local markets. This also makes it easier to find more cost-effective global recruiting, as well as connecting with niche and emerging expertise, such as software development and AI technology. 

6) Employer of record assistance 

An employer of record is a third-party provider that uses their own international entities, partner organizations, and regional knowledge to assist companies in hiring professionals. Beyond recruitment, an EOR can also help in managing payroll or other legal obligations. This makes global recruiting quicker and smoother, as businesses can outsource complex legal processes. 

Global recruiting via an EOR: no foreign entity needed 

Hiring personnel in foreign countries involves many challenges of international expansion, such as dealing with new market research, guaranteeing legal compliance, and even learning about cultural differences. So, working with an Employer of Record (EOR) is likely the most practical option when it comes to global recruiting. 

Man at computer to illustrate article on global recruiting. By Annie Spratt on Unsplash.
Global recruiting covers many areas

An EOR assumes full legal responsibility for your company, eliminating legal issues or fines. They can take care of general administration, and reporting obligations related to your foreign employees. This guarantees compliance with specific labor laws in the countries from which you will be hiring personnel. 

They can also contribute with extensive knowledge on local culture, language, and work habits. They can utilize the online platforms and social networks that are most common in the region you will be employing to find adequate candidates. If you need to hire international employees in a range of locations, an EOR can also point out specific markets for certain attributes. 

These services are typically agreed on a monthly fee-per-employee basis. The payment structure can be a simple fee or a percentage of the employee’s salary. Determining the most suitable arrangement depends on the company’s needs and the extent of the EOR’s capabilities and coverage. Some EORs focus on specific countries or regions, while others have a broader global recruiting reach. 

Two other options for global recruiting 

The most known alternative to working with an EOR in global recruiting is hiring full-time employees directly, without assistance. However, this can prove to be a multifaceted endeavor, because you must establish a legal entity in the desired country. This entails complying with all legal requirements, such as registering with local authorities and acquiring the necessary permits and licenses. 

Once the legal groundwork is set, the recruitment process can commence. You’ll have to share your job openings through diverse media channels, both locally and internationally, to attract a diverse range of candidates. Be mindful of language barriers and provide appropriate support to candidates. Additionally, engaging in direct negotiations and finalizing employment contracts will be essential tasks in this process. 

But, if you don’t want to employ full-time collaborators, you can still hire international independent contractors. They work independently, offering their services to employers while operating under their own company. This arrangement makes them an attractive choice for engaging workers on specific projects or for limited durations, even though these contractors won’t legally be a part of the company’s payroll. 

They can be recruited directly as well. However, misclassifying them as contractors when they should be considered employees can lead to legal complications and potential penalties. Moreover, overseeing and ensuring communication may require extra effort compared to managing regular employees. Alternatively, some EORs extend their support to assist with recruiting independent contractors. 

Serviap Global offers global hiring solutions 

At Serviap Global, we are able to assist companies with global hiring solutions in over 100 countries worldwide, including EOR services, contractor hiring, and global talent aquisition to help you find candidates to hire directly.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you with your global recruiting needs. 

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