Grow Your Global Team

Borderless recruiting made easy

Hire internationally while reducing costs, in full compliance with local regulations.

We specialize in helping organizations of all sizes source, hire, and manage top-tier professionals worldwide while reducing their overhead expenses.

Our international hiring solutions are tailored to meet your individual needs and are easily scaled.

Rapid, compliant international hiring

Knowing where to source the best talent and navigating unfamiliar regulations are two of the biggest obstacles companies face when hiring internationally.

That’s why our expert local knowledge and established networks are so important.  

Serviap Hub is the latest advancement in our suite of HR management solutions, designed to make monitoring and managing your international workforce easier than ever.

Easily manage teams and projects from anywhere with just a few clicks, ensuring efficiency and convenience.

When you hire us as an employer of record (EOR),  we hire international professionals on your behalf and take care of their onboarding and administration, including their payroll and all relevant compliance matters. That means you don’t need a local entity or to worry about unfamiliar regulations.

Independent Contractor Hiring

Hire top professionals for projects

Independent contractor hiring can be very cost-effective, but its crucial to make sure they are working under specific conditions.

Learn how to manage contractor misclassification risk.

Visas and immigration

We can help secure permissions to work

If you will be relocating or sending people to oversee your foreign operations, leave us to deal with local immigration authorities and secure the visas needed in the quickest time possible.

Discover where you can grow with Serviap Global

Premium support

No matter how big or small, we are ready to answer all your questions — anytime, anywhere.

Regional expertise

We have in-country experts to help you navigate new markets and cultural nuances anywhere you want to do business.

Top-tier benefits packages

Great talent deserves great benefits. We can help you offer a competitive range of benefits to attract top-tier talent worldwide.

Guaranteed compliance

We will make sure that all local laws and regulations are properly implemented, so you will have nothing to worry about.

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