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contractor hiring

When you hire independent contractors, you bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help you execute projects efficiently and accurately.
International contractor hiring made easy

What do we do​ ?

We can help you hire independent contractors throughout the world. Our established recruitment networks have track records of securing outstanding talent to work on limited-term projects. We then handle the payroll and administration of anyone we help you hire.

Independent freelancers incentivized to be efficient

What is an independent contractor?

Independent contractors are seasoned specialists in their professional field who work on limited-term projects. Contractors generally provide their own tools and materials to undertake their duties and can be integrated into existing teams or work independently.

Contractor hiring offers efficiency and reliability

Incentivized to deliver

Independent contractors are paid on a project-by-project basis. That means, it is in their interest to complete those projects in the most efficient manner possible, while also meeting the highest quality standards, given that their flow of work is built on reputation.

Contractors work under different conditions

Avoid the risk of contractor misclassification

Classifying professionals as contractors when their working conditions mean they should be treated as direct employees can result in serious legal complications and financial penalties. If you want to hire international talent without setting up a foreign entity, your best option is likely employer of record services.