About us

We are a family-run business which has grown from its origins in Mexico to have an international presence and today works with satisfied clients throughout the world.


Global expansion made easy

At Serviap Global we help clients grow internationally, supporting them with finding and hiring top overseas talent, without them needing to set up a local entity or worry about unfamiliar regulations.

Who We Are

We started out offering international PEO / EOR services in Mexico more than a decade ago, and have since expanded to provide those services around the world, with a network of trusted partners that extends our reach even further.

Our team

Our fast-growing international team includes a diverse range of talented people, based in over a dozen countries across multiple continents.

Our commitment

At Serviap Global, we are committed to providing top-tier services and seek continuous self-improvement to achieve that. No international expansion is completed without challenges arising, but we strive to limit and manage them so our clients have the smoothest ride possible. 

Become another of our satisfied clients

Our clients know they can count on us for many reasons, including: