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Recruit top professionals around the world without needing to set up a foreign entity or worry about compliance with unfamiliar regulations.

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Hundreds of companies trust us to hire and administer their international team members.

Our EOR services include recruitment, hiring, and ongoing payroll management of international team members.
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What do we do?

At Serviap Global, we help companies tap into international talent pools by hiring professionals on their behalf, with our reach extending to over 140 countries worldwide.

We provide employer of record (EOR) services, along with contractor hiring, and can also support you with international recruitment services if you need help sourcing outstanding direct hires.

Our EOR services involve us hiring international professionals on behalf of other companies through our network of international entities, allowing our clients to avoid setting up their own entities.

We onboard and administer those professionals, manage their payroll and guarantee compliance with local regulations. We also offer recruitment services to help fill positions as needed.

Unlocking market opportunities:

What are the benefits of EOR services?

Working with an EOR allows you to establish a presence in a new market in a matter of weeks, while avoiding company formation and compliance issues associated with being an official employer. For companies looking to hire international talent in emerging markets, skilled professionals are often available at highly competitive rates, meaning that using an EOR can also offer significant cost-savings.
Build a global presence, hire top international talent, enjoy cost-savings.

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No matter how big or small, we are ready to answer all your questions — anytime, anywhere.

Regional expertise

We have in-country experts to help you navigate new markets and cultural nuances anywhere you want to do business.

Top-tier benefits packages

Great talent deserves great benefits. We can help you offer a competitive range of benefits to attract top-tier talent worldwide.

Guaranteed compliance

We will make sure that all local laws and regulations are properly implemented, so you will have nothing to worry about.

Answers to your common questions

Frequently asked questions

What is a professional employer organization (PEO)?

A professional employer organization, or PEO, recruits and hires staff on behalf of a client, taking care of their onboarding, payroll, and ongoing administration as part of the agreement.

Is a PEO different to an employer of record (EOR)?

While some providers differentiate between PEO and EOR services, they are effectively the same thing. A company recruiting and hiring overseas staff on behalf of a client can be referred to as a PEO or an EOR.

Will I need to set up an entity to hire overseas staff through a PEO / EOR?

One of the key advantages to using international PEO / EOR services is that you will not need to form an entity in the location where you want to hire people, meaning that your market entry only takes as long as finding the right people.

Who will those staff report to?

The people you hire through a PEO will report directly to you, meaning you will have full control over their schedules, workloads, and tasks. In practical terms it will be like having direct hires overseas, without needing to worry about their administration.

What fees are involved?

You will be charged a monthly fee per person employed, which you will be billed for along with the monthly payroll for those staff. Find out more by filling in our contact form, or scheduling a call with a sales executive