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Made for accountants, lawyers, recruiters, outsourcing businesses, or anyone else looking to present an incredible human capital solution to their clients and partners, while also generating worry-free revenue.

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What does SERVIAP offer?

SERVIAP is a proudly Latin American company with global ambitions.  We are a professional employer organization (PEO), payroll, and HR business process outsourcing company, based in Mexico City, Mexico. A full-service PEO, we assume all legal responsibility for the taxes, benefits, and payroll for your employees, while you have operational control.

We can recruit, place, and administer teams of virtually any profession in as little as two weeks. SERVIAP offers its PEO services in Mexico, of course. But also have full PEO operations in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and Colombia.

Why should you partner with us?

We work with you to preserve your brand’s reputation for quality, solving issues outside of your immediate scope with the same quality and dedication.


As a family-owned company, we value strong personal and long-term relationships. We work closely with out partners to provide the right solution every time. We show our commitment with generous commissions, and, of course, referrals to their business.

Our Partners

What are the benefits of partnering with us?

For you:

✔ No monetary investment required

✔ Competitive compensation

✔ Tools and training support for brokers

✔ No volume commitments

✔ Your commission schedule does not decrease upon renewal in subsequent years

✔ A dedicated team to respond quickly to your needs

✔ Flexible solutions for your clients

For your clients:

✔ Reduced liability and enhanced compliance throughout Latin America

✔ Improved focus and business efficiency without distracting HR Administration and payroll responsibilities.

✔ Complimentary access to our in-house HR platform, NyrhCloud

✔ Expand their business in new markets whether or not they have a legal entity in-country

Enhance service offerings, accelerate growth

Add SERVIAP as a new revenue stream today. Contact us in the form about to learn more about our services, scheudle a meeting, and find a way for us to work togehter. 

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