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Introducing Serviap Hub

Serviap Hub is a one-stop platform for managing your global team, allowing you to visualise and administer every project and professional you have around the world.
Key information, anytime, anywhere

Easy access to essential data

Serviap Hub places an array of key information at your fingertips, available on any online device, wherever you may be.

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Serviap Hub's key features

Enhancing your global team management

Details of each professional's contract

Any benefits each professional is entitled to and when they are due

Details of medical and life insurance policies assigned to each professional

Information on any equipment, tools or other goods assigned to the professional

Copies of visas or work permits that professionals have been granted

Comprehensive details of any payments made to each professional

Downloadable reports with information on active and inactive professionals.

Serviap Hub support

Easily get the support you need

Serviap Hub offers bespoke support through its own in-program ticketing system, meaning you can always rely on quickly accessing any help you need.

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