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EOR in Angola: 5 steps to quickly hire talent in this rising African economy 

An EOR in Angola will hire professionals on your behalf, so you don't need to set up an entity to have local team members reporting to you.
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Hiring professionals through an EOR in Angola is a good option for anyone seeking to rapidly and compliantly recruit talent in this rising African nation.

Angola is among the ten largest economies in Africa by GDP, as well being one of the continent’s top three oil producers. On top of its massive oil industry, Angola has a diverse economy, with services, construction, and real estate all important.

For anyone looking to hire people in Angola without needing to set up an entity, an employer of record (EOR) could offer a number of solutions.

Because as well as EOR services — whereby the provider is the official employer of professionals who report directly to you — an employer of record in Angola may also offer the likes of contractor hiring and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

If you need support from an EOR in Angola, contact us for more information. 

Angola country overview 

Situated at the meeting point between southern and central Africa, Angola borders Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Namibia, as well as having a 1600 kilometer (994 mile) Atlantic coastline.

Portuguese is the only official language of this multicultural nation, but many other languages are spoken in the country, including five Bantu languages. English and French are the foreign languages most taught at school. The local currency is the Angolan Kwanza (AOA).

After emerging from a quarter of a century of civil war in 2002, Angola became the fastest-growing economy in Africa, with many sectors that were badly affected by the conflict able to recover quickly. Today, its capital and commercial center Luanda is considered one of the most prosperous and developed cities in Africa, with modern infrastructure and a wide variety of entertainment options for residents. It is also home to the country’s principal port, which handles approximately 70% of the country’s container traffic.

A Serviap Global map of Angola to accompany article on employer of record services - or eor - and other international hiring options available in this rising African nation.
Serviap Global can help you with hiring in Angola

As well as oil, Angola has large reserves of natural gas, concentrated in the maritime zones of the Cabinda exclave and the Congo River estuary. The country also has significant deposits of diamonds, gold, and iron ore. 

In recent years, Angola has been looking to build on its growth by actively seeking foreign investment and promoting further economic diversifation. Initiatives to improve the business environment, streamline regulatory processes, and promote transparency have all been implemented. 

Hiring through an employer of record in Angola 

Working with an employer of record in Angola to hire local professionals offers a range benefits, which start with cost-savings. Because while an EOR in Angola will charge you a fee — which will usually either be on a flat ‘per-employee’ basis or as a percentage of the payroll being processed — that cost will generally be significantly less than the expense of setting up a local entity and running your own operation.

Payroll management is also another key advantage of EOR services, with the provider taking care of the salary calculations and payments for all professionals hired on your behalf, guaranteeing compliance with all local laws.

An EOR in Angola can hire professionals on your behalf, so you don't need to set up a local entity and can quickly have local team members in place.
Luanda, Angola’s capital

Even in the unlikely event of a non-compliance issue arising, your EOR in Angola will have assumed liability in most cases, meaning you never need be concerned about unexpexted financial penalties, which present a risk when operating in an unfamiliar regulatory regime.

An employer of record in Angola will also be able to assist you with sourcing the people you need for given roles, and will have an established recruitment network as well as expert knowledge of the local employment market, allowing them to find outstanding candidates quickly.

Your provider will also be able to support you during the visa application process for anyone who will be relocating to the country on your behalf and requires local permission to work.

Regulations an EOR in Angola will oversee  

Among the regulations your EOR in Angola will guarantee compliance with are the following:

Employment contracts: work contracts are usually indefinite-term, unless the work being undertaken will last for less than 36 months, in which case fixed-term contracts may be used. 

Working hours: the average working week in Angola is 44 hours, with a maximum of 8 hours per day. Overtime can extend the working week to 54 hours divided into 9 hours per day. 

Vacations and public holidays: after one year of service, employees are entitled to 22 days of paid vacation per year, while the country celebrates 12 national holidays. 

Health insurance: non-mandatory. Angola offers a universal health care system.  

Medical leave: employees are entitled to up to three days of sick leave.  

Maternity leave: Mothers are entitled to up to three months of maternity leave. 

Taxes: the standard VAT rate is 14%. Employer payroll taxes also include 3% for social security. Meanwhile, employee payroll taxes include an additional 3% for social security. 

How to hire through an EOR in Angola 

If you are interested in hiring professionals through an EOR in Angola, you will need to undertake the following activities:

1) Establish requirements 

In the event your employer of record in Angola will be sourcing candidates to be considered for roles, your first step will be to clearly establish your requirements, in terms of how the number you need, the roles they will fill, and the skills and knowledge they must have to be eligible.

2) Review candidates 

Your EOR will seek out and screen candidates to fill the roles you need and present you with eligible options. Those that you approve will then be invited to initial interviews with the provider to make sure that all key skills and knowledge thresholds are met. Note that you can give the EOR authority to choose candidates on your behalf.

3) Conduct interviews 

Any candidates who pass the initial interview will then be presented to you, along with notes from those interviews, so that you can choose which of them to invite to interviews with your company. These interviews should test any very specialist or technical aspects of role that the EOR may not have had the knowledge to test for adequately.

4) Onboard professionals 

Your EOR in Angola will issue offer letters to any candidates chosen, manage the acceptance process, and and oversee onboardings. However, there will be a range of information you will need to provide in order for that onboarding to be properly undertaken.

5) Manage local team members 

With your local team members officially on the EOR’s payroll and onboarded, you can get on with managing them like any other team member, establishing their workflows, setting their targets, and overseeing the work they do.

Alternatives to hiring via an EOR in Angola 

A number of alternatives to hiring via an EOR in Angola exist, which in many cases an employer of record will also be able to help you with.

Muxima, Angola

Because, even if you decide to establish your own entity and hire local professionals directly, an employer of record in Angola will likely be able to assist you with recruiting the talent you need.

In the event you want more comprehensive HR support, your provider may also offer RPO services, which means they will take on all or part of the responsibility for the recrtuiment process, based on your need.

An EOR in Angola may also be able to provide support with hiring international contractors — in the event that your needs are best met by seasoned professionals who work on a freelance and project-by-project basis.

Keep in mind that, iof you are considering hiring contractors, it is crucial they meet local requirements to be classified as contractors and not as direct employees. Because a growing number of contractors are cracking down on contractor misclassification, which can come with hefty fines.

Check your contractor misclassification risk.

Serviap Global can help you with hiring in Angola 

Serviap Global offers a range of global hiring solutions, including employer of record services (EOR), contractor hiring, and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Our coverage extends to over 100 countries worldwide, and if you are looking to work with an EOR in Angola, we can help.

We started out in Latin America over a decade ago and have grown to become known for our expertise on hiring in emerging markets.    

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you. 

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