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Hiring via a global employment organization: 3 great options

A global employment organization can help you rapidly and compliantly hire international talent without you needing to set up a foreign entity of your own.
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A global employment organization specializes in helping other companies hire international talent, with a number of options usually offered to suit different needs.  

Sometimes referred to as a global employment agency, such a provider offers guaranteed compliance in unfamiliar jurisdictions, as well as in-depth knowledge of the employment markets in which it operates.

That means, in the event you are not committed to hiring in one particular country, a global employment organization will be able to provide insights on where best to seek out the professionals you need, based on availability and your budget.

With the increasing uptake of remote work seen in recent years, international hiring has become more appealing to many companies, especially as the type of solutions offered by a global employment agency have become more widely used and understood.

Whether you already have team members overseas or are just getting started on your international hiring journey, working with a global employment agency offers a range of options for rapid, compliant recruitment of outstanding talent at often highly competitive rates.

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Key advantages offered by a global employment organization 

Recruiting international talent offers many advantages, with one of the most obvious being the signifcant cost-savings that can be made when hiring overseas team members, especially when sourcing them from emerging markets — where growing pools of skilled professionals are available at competitive rates.

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Hiring internationally offers many benefits

Beyond the financial benefits on offer, global hiring also boosts diversity within an organization, with professionals from different countries and backgrounds offering different perspectives and insights that can not only benefit the company culture, but also its operational and business decisionmaking.

Creating a distributed workforce also means that you can establish a presence across continents and timezones, allowing your business to be operational and responsive to the likes of client requests on a buch broader scale.

Hiring internationally via a global employment organization also offers rapid recruitment — with the provider generally having established networks everywhere they work and a strong understanding of how to best source professionals suited to different profiles.

The speed with which a global employment agency can help you hire in combinatiuon with the fact that the solutions on offer will generally not require you to set up an entity in the country where professionals are being recruited, also provides considerable market agility. Because, in effect, you can have people in place in little more time than it takes for the provider to source the talent you need — which will generally be a matter of weeks, if not days.

Another key advantage of hiring through a global employment organization is the guarantee of compliance with all relevant regulations, while the fact that in many cases that provider assumes the vast majority of liability associated with being an employer means you don’t have to worry about unexpected legal complications or financial penalties when navigating an unfamiliar regulatory regime.

Global employment agency services: 3 popular options 

A global employment agency, by its nature, will generally offer a range of international hiring options, rather than just focus on one, with some of the most popular being:

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1) Employer of record (EOR) services 

One of the most popular international hiring options offered by a global employment organization is employer of record services. Global EOR services involve the provider hiring international professionals on your behalf, so you can have people reporting to you like in-house team members, without needing to set up a foreign entity.

The EOR effectively assumes legal responsibility as the official employer, meaning that it is liable for almost all compliance issues, while as part of the service the provider will also manage the payroll and other administrative matters related to all professionals employed for you.

Employer of record services are also very agile because, as well as allowing you to quickly establish a presence in a given market, you can also quickly withdraw when needed, with the only delay being the completion OF any statutory notice period or provision of severance to those the EOR has hired for you.

2) Independent contractor hiring  

Another viable option that a global employment organization can facilitiate is hiring foreign independent contractors. These usually seasoned professionals are generally hired on a project-by-project basis, meaning there is usually a clearly defined timeline during which they will provide their services.

While independent contractors will generally charge a premium for their services, those costs are offset by the fact contractors should provide their own tools and equipment and assume responsibility for many benefits that an in-house team member is entitled to. The fact that they are paid per project also means contractors are incentivized to work efficiently.

If you are considering hiring contractors, it is critical you understand contractor misclassification risk and do not classify professionals as contractors when their working conditions and arrangements should mean they are classified as employees. This can lead to significant financial penalties and reputational damage, but is something a global employment agency will make sure is avoided. 

3) Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

Another option commonly offered by a global employment organization is recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), which involces a company outsourcing all or part of its recruitment process to the RPÓ provider. 

That may involve the RPO provider assuming responsibility for finding strong candidates for particular roles and presenting them to you, or leading an entire recruitment process, including running interviews and selecting the candidates to employ.

It is worth noting that this solution can be combined with EOR services, so that the provider not only leads the recruitment and hiring process, but then also acts as the official employer of the professionals who are hired, who will then report directly to you.

Regulations a global employment organization can oversee

Which hiring arrangement you choose will affect which regulations your global employment orgniazation oversees, with some of those mentioned below being the responsibility of contractors rather than the the provider.  

Employment contracts: Standard contract types will vary between jurisdictions and your global employment agency will guarantee that the most suitable and accepted type is issued.

Working hours: Your global employment organization will guarantee compliance with maximum daily and weekly working hours wherever it is assisting you.

Vacations and public holidays: Vacation allowances and the point at which professionals are able to use them will vary between countries, which your global employment agency will understand well.

Maternity and paternity leave: Maternity and paternity leave allowances can vary greatly between countires, and your global employment organization will guarantee proper allowances are provided.

Taxes and contributions: If your global employment agency is handling payroll for the professionals hired on your behalf, they will calculate and deduct both employee and employer contributions, including the likes of VAT, pension, health, and any other statutory contributions.

Serviap Global offers global hiring solutions 

At Serviap Global, we operate as a global employment organization, with our portfolio of services including EOR services, contractor hiring and recrtuiment process outsourcing (RPO).

During more than a decade in the global hiring industry, we have grown to able to assist companies with rapid, compliant hiring in over 100 countries worldwide, and we are known for our extensive coverage in Latin America and particular expertise on hiring in emerging markets. 

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Serviap Global offers EOR among other global employment organization services

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