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Expanding your business in Canada can be a challenging step and that’s why getting information about the country, and its laws, will be of great help.

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Expanding your business in Canada

Please contact us to receive relevant information for your expansion in Canada.

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We can support you in your expansion with our Global Personnel Outsourcing service. You can hire experienced personnel in your industry without the need to or the difficulty of opening a legal entity. You can start to have a presence in the country in just a few days, knowing that staff will be hired in accordance with the labor legislation of the country and under its direction.

Our services can help you if you are in the following situation:

You have a contracted person but your current provider is not offering an adequate service.
A representative has been hired as a contractor, who possibly has not found or does not know if they’re complying with the applicable legislation.
You have one or more clients and seeks to provide better care.
You have a legal entity but the operation is not affordable and you’d prefer to keep fewer representatives in the country.
You have a temporary project or one that does not represent the need for opening a legal entity.
You have a project that requires bringing in foreign personnel.
You are looking to expand your business in the country with local / foreign staff with experience in the local market to reduce their learning curve.
You are looking to expand your business with an ally that allows you to hire experienced staff in the local market easily and safely.
Let us know your needs and the support you need to meet your objectives.
Our highly-committed team will be available to properly administrate your staff in the country or countries to which you are determined to venture.

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