Global hiring via an employer of record (EOR) - Key legal benefits

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Why choose Serviap Global?

Expanding business globally becomes easy when you’ve got the right local partners. As Serviap Global, we offer personalized support and guidance to help you through the process. We can assist with everything from picking the right countries to recruiting and onboarding professionals in your chosen destination, as wel as continuting to manage their payroll.

Serviap Global was established in Mexico in 2010, before expanding throughout Latin America and subsequently around the world. Today, we assist clients with international hiring in over 100 countries worldwide.

Premium support

No matter how big or small, we are ready to answer all your questions — anytime, anywhere.

Regional expertise

We have in-country experts to help you navigate new markets and cultural nuances anywhere you want to do business.

Top-tier benefits packages

Great talent deserves great benefits. We can help you offer a competitive range of benefits to attract top-tier talent worldwide.

Guaranteed compliance

We will make sure that all local laws and regulations are properly implemented, so you will have nothing to worry about.

Building a global presence has never been easier

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