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Remote equals Global

Remote Global
If you’re reading this you’re almost certainly working from home. We’re stressing over task management and productivity, and finding ourselves missing those obnoxious coworkers just a little. There are countless think pieces and tips about passing through this temporary phase and “getting back to normal.”  But since we could be taking successive rounds of social distancing for at least 12 to 18 months, there isn’t going to be any “normal” for a while. White-collar workers around the world are confronting the same thing. Here are tips on being “Home Office” in Spanish, in French, and Indonesian. Chances are that workers in your field who happened to be born in Bogota or Buenos Aires have a lot of overlap with your daily life. They, like us, are finding ways to make this work. And here we have an opportunity. Since we’re already remote, there’s no logistical barrier to hiring abroad. What’s the difference between a Zoom call from Lima and one from three blocks away?  You can find talent in places like Colombia, France, you name it.  Since you’re dealing with the downsides of working virtually, why not get the benefits as well? Cost savings, sure, but you’d also add a global perspective to your company.
  • Enhance your products and widen your appeal to more customers.
  • Your eggs are no longer in one (office) basket.
  • Better serve your global customers.
  • Control for costs now, access new markets in the future.
And you don’t just have to outsource, getting a developer-for-rent, or getting a few minutes’ time of a random call center employee. You can hire directly, with complete control, and loop that person right into your company culture. Your Remote Workforce can save you money at a time when you still have obligations to your customers, but have less funding and certainty than you counted on just a few weeks ago. There are many more options than ever before to find, hire, and administer talent around the world. No subsidiary needed; minimal investment required. Applying a 2019 vision of your company in 2020 is a recipe for failure. Acknowledge the changing world, lean into it, and find opportunities you wouldn’t have considered just a few weeks ago. You’re already remote. Now go global. Cald
Caldwell Butler is the Senior Commercial Executive of SERVIAP, a human capital firm that enables companies to expand operations or hire remotely anywhere in the world. A native of Louisiana, USA, Caldwell has studied or worked in six Spanish-speaking countries. Caldwell holds a BA in International Affairs from The George Washington University.

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