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With Serviap Hub, managing international team members has never been easier

Serviap Hub is the latest evolution of our industry-leading HR management platform, packed with new features and built for ease of use.
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Tlalnepantla, Mexico; October 2, 2023 — Serviap Global is thrilled to announce the launch of Serviap Hub, the latest evolution of our industry-leading HR management platform, allowing you to oversee your international team members at the touch of a button.

Packed with new features and built for ease of use, Serviap Hub allows you to manage professionals reporting to you from almost anywhere in the world.

With just a few clicks, you have working access to key documentation and processes for every international team member that we have onboarded for you, including contracts, visas, salary history and benefits.

That means, no matter where you are located, you can keep track of your global team while we take care of the payroll and administration of all of the professionals we have hired on your behalf.

Serviap Hub include bespoke support provided through an in-platform ticketing system, meaning you can always rely on quickly accessing any help you need.

“The launch of Serviap Hub is an exciting step for our company and for all of the companies we work with around the world, helping us to take our service to the next level and providing our clients with easy access to every profesional we are administering for them,” said Victor Anaya, co-founder and CEO of Serviap Global.     

At Serviap Global, we offer rapid and compliant hiring solutions in over 140 countries worldwide, including employer of record services and international contractor hiring.

Having started out in Latin America in 2010, we have expanded worldwide and become known in the global hiring industry for our expert knowledge of recruiting in emerging markets.

Our vision is to help companies expand anywhere with confidence. With the launch of Serviap Hub, we have made that even easier.

Read more about Serviap Hub and book a demo here: Serviap Hub | International Hiring Solutions (serviapgroup.com)

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