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Digital networking: 8 considerations for getting it right 

With so much of the world of work now online, it is important to understand how to build connections and foster communication through effective digital networking.
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Digital networking is the practice of using online technologies and platforms to interact with others for various purposes, such as collaboration, sharing of information, and prospecting new opportunities. It is a rising trend for professionals who want to scale up their careers in the online world. 

One of the ways for building digital networking links is through social media platforms. On many different sites, we have the space to develop relationships with friends, mentors, clients, and colleagues on personal and professional levels, which can help you find work opportunities and scale up your career. If you know how to handle communication challenges on a remote team, there are many possibilities. 

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Additionally, the rise of remote work has also revolutionized traditional network methods. It has become another scenario where digital networking steps in. Building and maintaining meaningful connections with your remote workforce through digital channels is crucial for fostering engagement, collaboration, and a sense of belonging. 

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Digital networking vs. traditional methods 

Networking has long been hailed as a vital component of personal and professional success. Traditionally, it involved attending industry events, conferences, and meetups to connect with like-minded people. However, the rise of technology and the advent of digital networking have revolutionized the way we build and nurture these relationships.  

Woman at computer to illustrate article on digital networking. Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash
Digital networking can improve morale

Traditional networking often leans on face-to-face interactions. While these interactions offer the advantage of building personal rapport and establishing immediate connections, the reach may be limited to specific events or locations. It requires physical presence and can be more time-consuming and costly compared to digital networking. 

Digital networking excels in terms of speed and efficiency. With few clicks, you can connect with numerous professionals, share information, and engage in conversations. Online chats and video meetings allow for instant communication, so digital networking enables quick dissemination of information, making it easier to share resources, articles, and updates with a larger audience, including remote colleagues. 

Online platforms provide opportunities for personalization and showcasing your brand. Profiles on LinkedIn, for instance, can be tailored to reflect your skills, accomplishments, and areas of expertise. Digital networking lets individuals curate their online presence, sharing content and insights that align with their professional goals, attracting like-minded professionals. 

4 tips for digital networking on social media platforms 

1) Define your target audience 

Before dipping into digital networking, plan your goals and identify your target audience. Are you looking to connect with professionals in a specific industry, seeking mentors, or potential clients? Clarifying your objectives will guide your networking strategy and ensure you focus efforts on the right platforms and individuals. 

2) Cultivate an authentic virtual presence 

Craft an online presentation that accurately represents what you stand for. Update your profiles with relevant information and engage in conversations that align with your interests. HR professionals will likely check your online, and your profile can become a liability if it’s not compelling and honest with what’s on your resume, according to HR specialist Theresa Chow for Forbes

3) Nurture your connections 

Digital networking is not a one-time thing. It’s important to maintain an ongoing process. After making the first interactions, be sure to follow up with your contacts. Stay in touch regularly by sending personalized messages, engaging in content they post online, and sharing interesting articles. If possible, try to also meet your connections in person. 

4) Leverage online platforms 

Another benefit of digital networking is being able to diversify your presence on different platforms. You can use sites that are specifically designed for networking, but don’t forget to look for opportunities in other platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook groups. Identify the specialized forums that are most relevant to your goals and invest time in understanding their features. 

4 tips for digital networking in remote workforce 

1) Search for mentorship programs 

Mentorship plays a crucial role in professional development, and it can be even more valuable for remote employees who may feel isolated. Try to establish virtual mentorship programs that pair you with experienced team members or even newcomers seeking guidance. Schedule regular virtual meetings to discuss career goals, provide or receive guidance, and share industry insights. 

2) Embrace virtual networking conferences 

Digital networking conferences and remote team building events offer valuable opportunities for connecting with industry experts and peers. So try to experience virtual panels or workshops, and actively engage with other participants through chat functions or virtual lounges. These events provide a chance for you to gain insights and contribute to industry discussions. 

Serviap Global graphic on the important features of digital networking
Digital networking differs inside and outside a company

3) Share and recognize achievements 

An important aspect to create professional links is getting to know people and letting yourself be seen. So, acknowledge and celebrate both individual and team achievements through virtual shout-outs, or employee spotlights. Also, share your achievements with colleagues to create opportunities for recognition and celebration within your digital networking. 

4) Foster a positive online culture 

Always encourage open communication, active listening, and mutual respect within your team. Emphasize the importance of providing constructive feedback and recognizing individual achievements. Try to organize and support virtual team-building activities, such as happy hours, trivia games, or informal chats, to create opportunities for your remote team members to connect on a more personal level. 

Benefits of working in a distributed workforce 

Digital networking can more easily connect you with international and remote companies that are interested in building a distributed workforce, which involves having team members in multiple locations. Compared to traditional, office-based work, this can present you with many benefits if you want to seize new opportunities and guarantee more autonomy. 

Digital networking means business as usual can continue in new ways. Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash
Remote working means digital networking

In many cases, collaborating with a remote team allows you to have flexible hours, especially if you offer your services to companies as an independent freelance contractor. Additionally, you have more geographic autonomy and can connect with people globally from wherever you are. This means you can better accommodate your work with your personal life choices. 

There is also a much bigger possibility to tap into international markets. Without geographical limits, you can be found by top companies looking for specific services you offer, with the possibility of paying higher rates than local businesses. However, keep in mind that you can still face language barriers and legal compliance complications, so it may be ideal to collaborate with an employer of record (EOR) when looking for clients. 

Working with global industries can make you reach diverse perspectives and cultural exchanges, as well as discover new and trendy markets, involving newer technology and the latest demands in the labor industry, such as AI and web developers, or IT and cybersecurity experts. 

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