Hiring 100% remote lets you choose from talent all around the world.
Business doesn’t stop when the world changes. Going 100% remote means that you have access to talent around the world. Have the best work for you directly, anywhere, without forming a legal entity. In uncertain times, thrive with virtual teams hired for you, administered by us, anywhere in the world.

Remote Advisor

Serviap has years of experience managing remote teams all over the world. We help you:

✔ Understand cultural differences to make sure everyone is productive, happy, and on the same page.

✔ Click here to see our Article on the benefits of and best practices of having a remote team.

NyrhCloud Global Dashboard

✔ We Manage and view all HR incidents throughout the world on one platform.

✔ Review payroll, converted into dollars, and exported to your preferred format.

✔ Combine all country contracts into one unified view; seemlessly integrate with your HQ operations.

Respect, Retain, Assure

Serviap can offer benefits far in excess of legal requirments. Our boutique service allows you to make your first hires feel like the valued and crucial leaders they are:

✔ Premium health insurance.

✔ Vacation packages.

✔ Corporate credit cards.

✔ Bonuses.

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