In recent years, Brazil has emerged as a stronger and more attractive country global player. With our International PEO model in Brazil we help companies to expand their operations internationally by having a single point of contact, saving the paperwork and time consumed by establishing an entity and starting operations as soon as possible.


A high degree of economic diversification, combined with
a strong domestic consumer market and a wide selection of trade
partners, reinforced by a well-regulated financial system, have been key to
successfully mitigate the effects of the international economic crisis.


Unemployment in Brazil is low, wages are rising and the level of
Direct investment is high. There are many opportunities, particularly in
agribusiness, oil and gas, mining, retail, capital and infrastructure projects, and to meet the growing demand for education and health care.

PEO in Brazil

For all these reasons, Brazil is certainly a target for many business leaders around the world. However, like any other emerging economy, Brazil presents issues and challenges that companies must consider before
establishing operations here.

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