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Remote workers deserve insurance

Remote workers deserve insurance

Let’s say you are part of an international company. You have colleagues from Europe, Latin America, Asia. You wouldn’t be happy to find that a coworker, with the same responsibilities, makes over 40% more than you, would you? That would probably sting a little less if the cost of living was also 40% less where you live. No harm, no foul. However, there’s factor that has the same value no matter where you are: Your health.

Building team cohesion needs fairness. Common culture, common expectations, common rights across different countries. If you want to have a successful remote business, with a coherent vibe or feel, you need to think hard about standardizing across un-standard situations.

It’s great to have people around the world, but if they’re really part of your team, you need to provide them equivalent benefits. But getting there means different things in different countries.

What is the baseline of support that your employees expect?

  • Quality coverage
  • Responsiveness
  • Affordability

In Sweden, a government plan essentially provides all coverage needed, but in Mexico, government insurance is essentially useless. You employee there, if left with legal minimums, would have to deal with crowding, low quality care, etc. On paper it’s the “government minimum” for both employees. But you need to make up that gap.

Finding a partner that understands the variation in different countries allows you to take your same culture of respect and fit it to different markets, helping to preserve your company’s standards across the world. Using a PEO allows you to provide the basics and beyond. As the legal employer, a PEO partner handles all the taxes and benefits you need, without worrying about the tax implications or anything else. Everything sorted, everything fair, for everyone. In Mexico, for example, there are private hospitals on par with the rest of the world. Standardize care, bring quality, and let you workers have peace of mind.

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