Expand your business In the Americas.

With our international PEO model, we help companies expand their operations, providing a single point of contact for one or multiple countries. We eliminate the time-consuming and risky process of incorporation, instead serving as the legal employer of your workforce. Through SERVIAP, you can take advantage of a fully-featured HR operation in any country in the Americas in a matter of weeks.

Why do businesses expand internationally?

Some reasons why companies seek to expand internationally, are:

  • Rapid expansion
  • International demand
  • New markets
  • Favorable business climate
  • Cost savings

Benefits of expanding your business abroad

Here are some benefits you will find if you choose to take this path:

  • Diversification
  • Competitive advantage
  • Growth
  • Multicultural perspectives
  • Local business partner

Challenges when expanding your business

These are some challenges you may face when expanding your operations:

  • Team and structure
  • Cost settings and pricing strategy
  • Exchange fluctuations
  • Specialists with experience in the country
  • Cultural differences and schedules

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In SERVIAP we understand that the most important part of a company is its Human Capital, therefore, we offer solutions tailored to each of our Commercial Allies. We have over 10 years of experience, serving the needs of our customers to expand into new territories. Developing processes and technologies that simplify the challenge of any expansion, while maintaining a high experience in human quality.


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"Human Capital is an essential part of the growth of every Organization"
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